Born in 1980 in the heart of Europe, Kristell In Wonderland (aka Kristell Lowagie) is a visual artist, who mixes studio photography with digital collage. 


When she was 11, she watched the movie of Tim Burton « Edward Scissorhands » and it had an deep artistic impact on her. She dedicated the next 25 years of her life to rock and metal music by being a singer. During these music years, she had to work on visuals for the bands : creating logo’s, album covers, band photoshoots, and even music videos.


She studied Advertising at IHECS in Brussels. She also followed graphic designer studies. After working on the artwork of her solo album in 2017, she decided to create an artwork based on Alice In Wonderland. She took pictures of her daughter (6) and mixed the pics with digital collage. Kristell In Wonderland was born.


The artist revisit fairy tales, offer a cynical version of the pin-up or reinterpret ecological and social dramas in her poetic way. She offers photographic and digital compositions, which combine vintage, kitsch, religious iconography, modern and fantastic symbols.


First obsessed with portraying little girls and their innocence, she now photographs people from various ages, backgrounds, and personnalities. Every image has its unique storytelling.

AWARD 2022